Normal Fit

We here at Yumalove are proud to introduce to you “YourFit”.

“YourFit” is our own developed tool to ensure you find the best fitting sneaker for your beloved ones. During the course of the last 1 ½ years, we were able to sell more than 1.500 kids sneakers on a face to face manner and can proudly share with you a return rate of far less than 1%. We have experienced many different kids feet, slim, normal and wide ones with a high or flat instep and therefore can imagine very well how difficult it might be to find the right sneaker with the right shape/last and the right width.

Normal Fit : Most of our kids sneakers fall in this category which means if your kid doesn’t have a flatfoot or a slim foot you can comfortably check out this category but pls feel free to contact us via our “live-chat” function, via email or via phone 004930-55070800.

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